Do I need a kiln?

You don’t need a Kiln, simple use the air drying clay.

What type of clay is in the kits?

The clay in our kits is an air drying clay, this basically means its the same as normal clay but has fibres mixed in to add strength as it dries so there's no need to be fired in a big industrial kiln. You can simply let it dry, paint it and varnish over the top if you're after a shiny glaze like finish.

How long can I leave my creations before painting them?

You can leave them as long as you like, until your ready. As long as theyre kept dry. You probably want to wait around 2-3 days for your clay to fully dry before painting and sealing.


How long will the clay last in the bag?

If the sealed bags are left unopened, the clay will remain soft and moist for months. The clay is wrapped tightly inside the sealed bag preventing any contact with the air.

Can I eat / drink out of my creation?

Although you can seal your pot to give it some protection from water, without firing it in a kiln it won't be food safe. So please don't eat or drink from it.

How long does shipping take?

Orders are currently shipped 2nd class and usually arrive in 2-4 days from dispatch. Please allow 2-3 days until dispatch.